Tuesday, 14 April 2009

The Irish Budget 2009..!

By Libertyed,

Crisis in the Irish Budget 2009…!

April 7th 2009 one of the toughest Budgets ever presented in the history of the Irish state came this afternoon. Our finance Minister, Brian Lenihan dealt a massive blow to the working class and to the lower paid earners. Tax hikes all across the spectrum of people who are struggling to stay in there jobs.

This budget will go down in history as a “Savage Budget” on the working class, caused by waste, fraud, and folly, of the people who were supposedly running the country? Not to forget the Irish Banking institutions.

What the budget did not take into consideration, was the capitalist who got away with not paying there fair share of the taxes in this budget. Again the working class got hit in the pocket and mouths of many young families with children. Hit with higher cost in health costs, tax breaks on there mortgages, and less take home pay. The “Celtic Tiger” is now “Dead” however the Celtic Tiger was not for the working class in the first place, but for the bankers, and the property developers, who stash their wealth into off shore accounts, thus leaving the exchequer short on taxes.

So, guess what? The working class got stuck with paying the lost revenue to the exchequer, again!

Currently, we have over 350,000 unemployed, and growing daily. How are we going to survive this crisis? Not everyone agrees with this budget, like the working class, however the wealthy, will be able to keep there luxuries, and avoid paying there fair share of taxes, while the people on the lower rung face the crisis alone.

Why? Alway’s the wealthy get away without paying the fair share of taxes. Including the bankers, property developers, who are mostly the problematic to our economy?

Get this, how can a government, give €3.5 billion, to one bank, and offer another bank €3.5 billion, where the money coming from? The working class of course and the future working class, if there's any jobs left or created.

Why is our government, not going after these (Bank Fraudsters or Property Developers) that put this crisis back onto the working class and the Irish economy?

We the people are faced with footing the bill for the bad investments, caused by the Irish banking management, and the property developers, who lost our tax money around the globe, in places such as America, Asia, Africa, and other areas of Europe.
Were now paying for the banking screw up’s.

How could this be allowed to happen?

I can see history, repeating itself, after almost 900 years of oppression, and occupation that raped our land of its resources, mainly its people, plus our land, were heading into a downward spiral to the abyss of an unknown future?

Our forefathers must be turning in there graves, who fought for freedom of this Island of ours from the oppression of the British. There vision was simple, no child would go hungry no child would be without a good education. Build on our resources, and build a better Ireland for its entire people. That seemed to be wasted by the power in charge of the last few years in government.

Did our government allow the “Fox” mix with the chickens, meaning the bankers and the property developers?

We the Irish are resilient people, we have over come adversity before, during the famine time of the mid 1800’s and the mass exodus of the sixties and early 80’s when the Irish government F.F. party, couldn’t provide Jobs for there people.

I’m one of the mass exodus of the 80’s and now returned to Ireland, to see the unfortunate amount of young families facing the unknown of this financial crisis, bread-lines and soup kitchens, that will take effect in the near future, of what I left behind 30 years ago. This is a Savage Budget from Brian Lenihan and his party F.F. of wasters?

We can and will “Rise” again, when we have a government that has the vision, and direction to pull us through this mess, from the waste, folly, and even “Treason” committed to our Island. What we need is a government that will heed the population, and not blame the people who voted (No) against the Lisbon treaty, that will take our democratic rights away from the people of our shores.

Do we really need Brussels to make our choices for us, when they don’t understand
the meaning of no? The Lisbon Treaty referendum was voted “No” by the population of Ireland an overwhelming no vote.

“No means No”

Ni not Shá,

Ministers, TD’s & Senators? from all the political parties of Ireland.

For more information on the Irish Emergency Budget 2009

Visit www.rte.ie all comments welcome?

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